Three outlines of impromptu speech to get success in a cabin crew interview of Emirates Airlines

Three outlines of impromptu speech to get success in a cabin crew interview of Emirates Airlines

Three outlines of impromptu speech to get success in a cabin crew interview of Emirates Airlines

Three outlines of impromptu speech to get success in A Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines will help you own a good strategy in order to join the speaking test on Assessment Day. Even when you overcame this day, this important impromptu skill will help you so much in a final interview. Remember that you should practice this skill smoothly. Besides a good target, there are many surprising situations happening in the interview. In addition, you have to make decisions very rapidly. If there are a few decisions which are not good, you can reverse the situation and have a score in the interview. However, your success in the interview is really impossible if you don’t have any particular strategy before the interview happens. If you want your answers as well as the response of a professional Cabin Crew, you have a strategy for your speaking test.

Based on my Analysis of many interviews with Emirates Airline and Etihad Airway, I discovered that:

  • The best speaking tests for the given situations are started in three accessible ways.
  • These three effective strategies are reminded in the training series. If you practice it seriously, you will develop this effect up to 99.99% at any time.

These strategies are totally different and they will be used in different situations. However, they are really necessary for you to overcome the difficult interview with Emirates Airlines.

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Tell a story

Do you still remember “Little Red Riding Hood” that you heard when you were a child? Or do you still remember your presentations when you were a student? We can remember the content of Little Red Riding Hood but cannot remember any detail about your dried presentations. That is a secret of our brain. People tend to memorize the meaning of the lessons when are involved in the happened stories with them or the stories they used to hear in the past.

When you have heard a story, you can imagine a distant beach where the story happened, you can listen to the characters talking and feel their emotions of the characters. The story becomes easy to memorize because it stirs emotions, your optic, your hearing …

If you are having an interview and give your point linked with a story, the recruiters will memorize your points easily and have a good impression of you. Even though your points are so intelligent and interesting, the recruiters can forget them after you finish your speech if they are not linked to any story.

Even though your story is not special, it is told too long affected the listeners. The recruiters are too difficult to remember your points. Our brain only memorized information linked the stories, visual examples, or private experiences.

The truth is many candidates have started their speech by telling a story that is more effective than the others who have a lot of experience but don’t use this method. This is the power of the stories. If you remember the gold principle when joining an interview with Emirates Airline, tell a story linked to your points, that is what I recommend you.

In the impromptu test as well as in the interview, the most effective strategy is you should tell a story and give your point. The best structure that you can use in the interview is an introduction, telling a story, and a conclusion. The stories help us remove unexpected factors. The story that you tell happened in your life, it could be told before. When you tell it in the interview, you totally know the next sentences you should say. When your brain is free from trying to think of the next sentences, you can concentrate on thinking about the conclusion of the speech.

Three outlines of impromptu speech to get success in a cabin crew interview of Emirates Airlines

Transit to a story that happened in your life

Sometimes you can answer directly by telling a story that happened in your life. Give an example “Tell us about your first flight or the first time you saw Cabin Crews guiding you through the safe steps before the airplane took off”. You will need transitions in order to transition from the question that you are asked to a sentence in a story that you can remember it smoothly. If you remember many stories, you can transit from the questions to the phrases “this reminds me …” or “the important thing today is…”. Politicians usually use this transition skill. They are asked many different questions but transition phrases will support them in transit to the other topic easily.

Erect a fictional story when you speak

Make a story in your imagination to support your points. There is no limit to your creation. You can say: “Imagine that…” Or “Supposedly…” and let yourself imagine. This method is used in speaking when they tell to me. It is really effective and interesting.

Such as, your speaking test started with “I haven’t ever joined a Cabin Crew Interview before, but I imagine that…” Show your imagination to your recruiters. Tell an amazing story. It is not necessary that the story is real.

This is a skill that the recruiters will realize you are a potential candidate for becoming a Cabin Crew or you are not. If you improvise well, when you have a service situation or a warning situation, you have to improvise or solve the problems following the routine of the airline. On the other hand, you are proving that you have good solution skills for every situation. The recruiters will realize and give you a good evaluation through your story and your points. Furthermore, you will be selected.

Two other useful outlines of impromptu speech


PEEP (Point, Explanation, Example, and Point) is a contiguous way that is really simple but effective. If you have difficulty in thinking about a story for your answer, you can use this method. Use this wat when you need to give and protect your points.

Point: Give your point in the introduction of your speech.

Explanation: Give the reasons why make you have that point in the body of your speech.

Example: Use the examples to protect the ideas that you gave before. Use these phrases, such as: For instance” or “Imagine that…”. The recruiters will realize that your answer is honest and easy in remembering when you talk about your private experiences.

Point: Remind your point once again. Connect the conclusion with the introduction

Nevertheless, two words P in PEEP play the introduction and conclusion roles. The explanation and example part makes the body of your speech. The examples make your speech more honest and clear with the listeners. Because it looks like a story stirring their senses in their imagination. This contiguous way is used by many Speakers because it is really easy to use.

Position, action, and benefit

Position, action, and benefit is a useful contiguous way when you report the result of your group or the result of teamwork (this is a part of the interview test of Emirates Airline). When you have just five minutes or less to express your speaking test, this is a contiguous way for companies because it is suitable for the company environment, where decisions need to make rapidly. Perhaps your answers are not remembered much but they allow the listeners give a decision quickly and intelligently.

Of course, if you are ingenious, the decision of the recruiters will be helpful for you.

Example: When you are asked that “Should we allow our passengers to change their seats or apply the passenger request but it breaks the rule of the airline? Or Should you refuse these requests when they complain about this problem to your bosses?

Position: Assert your position with the questions

Action: tell about the benefits of your position

If you answer this question by using this contiguous way, the recruiters will be able to have all the necessary information to make a decision.

When you master this way, you proved to the recruiters that you have the potential qualities to be a Cabin Crew of Emirates Airline when you have obedience to the standard rules of Cabin Crew.

Good luck.

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