Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

What is Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

It is very surprising because these qualities are close to the score value of aviation services. A candidate who has these ones can be able to satisfy the service well. That is the reason why luxurious airlines use this game in their interview rounds. So how to pass Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines.

Roleplaying game is really exciting. Here is the way it goes:

  • Players join in an assumed situation
  • They don’t know what it is totally
  • A master ceremony will role one or many characters in the circumstance. He/she gives the players a challenge to know how they can resolve an issue
  • To become a winner, the player has to overcome numerous circumstances perfectly to convince the MC with her/his own story.

The purpose of the roleplaying game:

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This game can select someone who has good qualities, such as: 

  • Solving quickly and completely the circumstances in which the players don’t know what they are before (counted by seconds)
  • Make responses perfectly and logically
  • Controlling the needs and feelings of the opposite individuals

How to pass Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Emirates Airlines applies this game to seek out the appropriate candidates who have these qualities below:

  • Improvising these circumstances from safe fly to luxurious services
  • Have good skills to convince customers of all of the issues.

Why can they do it? How can we analyze how to roleplay format is.

Sample  tests of a basic roleplaying game:

Test 18 Date on 17th May 2016

  • Painter-tomatoes
  • Painter-socks
  • TV presenter-rose
  • Computer scientist-parachute
  • Gardener-mobile phone
  • Jewelry designer-vanilla
  • Singer-cherries
  • Dance instructor-apple

Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

These above noun couples are noted on the cards. You have a task in which you have to tell a story in 3-5 sentences from these cards. You only have  60 seconds totally to think and discuss with your team.

Rule of the game: Recruiters will give you many different game rules following this format.  There are not the same tests for many interviews. Therefore, you CAN NOT bone up for the test, you can merely adapt it instead.

The recruiters will give your marks based on two criteria:

The content of the story: Reviewing 04 levels of the best solutions for Emirates Airline’s Cabin Crew Interview.

First level: List the ideas unconsciously

The second level: Have a story meaning and structure

The Third level: Can transmit the value

The Fourth level: Turning-point

Recruiter feelings: it is a key to winning this game

Inactivity: the recruiters can feel what the emotions of your speech are by themselves

Take the Initiative: you control the recruiter’s emotions both how much and when they can get

Enhanced Sample Roleplaying game Tests in a Cabin Crew Interview Emirates Airline (Discussion):

This is really a true roleplaying test. At the basic test of the roleplaying game in Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines, they only check and filter your basic skills. With this Discussion round,  it is more difficult when you have to play in character perfectly with nothing to tell about, you completely have to imagine what you are going to say.

  • In three-dimensional space, how circumstance happens:
  • You are the first dimension
  • The recruiter is the second one
  • The third one is an eyewitness who plays many roles flexibly

Classic circumstance:

  • You are a senior manager
  • You are managing a service (restaurant, hotel, bus …)
  • Your company can only have 2-chair, 2-room, 2-seat service left
  • Now, you have 8 customers who want to buy your service (they gave their private information including their occupation, social status, needs, and especially have their worth reason to use your service)

You have to discuss with your team in order to:

  • Make a decision that which two customers you want to sell your service to and give a suitable explanation for the six remaining customers. The recruiters will roll one or all six characters to put you in jeopardy.
  • This is a hard circumstance and you don’t have a good reason for these six remaining customers to explain. Your challenge is that you have to quickly create a response charismatically and appropriately in order to convince the recruiters who are acting like these six customers.

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