STAR – The technique of answering Cabin Crew Interview Questions of Emirates Airlines commonly


Achieving your Cabin Crew dream today with this unique and awesome course

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This is a course focusing on Cabin Crew Interviewing Skills by Mr. Le, Thanh Hong Quan (Griffin) – CEO of Careerfinder Vietnam established the exclusive and unique training method Think & Talk that have been helping hundreds of successful candidates are chosen to be a cabin crew of many well-known airlines, such as:

• Emirates Airlines
• Etihad Airways
• Qatar Airways
• Kuwait Airways

Specialist of skills training of cabin crew interview with:
648 hours interview candidates for Emirates Airline
3240 successful candidates
9 Assessment Day events of Emirates Airline in Vietnam

How to overcome your fear when joining a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Method Think & Talk: Change totally your thought about the cabin crew interview

The method Think & Talk helps you Think of solutions and Talk solutions when you have to respond to a question to solve an issue in the service industry. With this method, I eliminated totally the answering sample concepts, because it actually makes your thought slower and makes the failure of the candidates in the first 3 seconds.

Think & Talk includes 04 important skills:

• Control your body language: concentrating on eyes, smile, voice, and hand movements
• Improvise quickly when numerous unexpected situations have happened in aviation service
• Convince many kinds of customers of aviation services successfully.
• Team-work, develop the power of a cabin crew team.

The successful key of this method Think & Talk

The method is summed up from the valuable experiences of recruitment specialists who have been working in 5-star airlines. This is also a strategy to choose a senior successful candidate for a multinational company. You are learned the way that these famous airlines (Emirates Airline, Qatar Airways..) choose 20 of 1000 candidates.

This method helps you get a state of high energy with 200% of the brain’s capacity in order to answer all questions of the recruiters.

From: Mr. Le Thanh Hong Quan – professional orator about soft skills training ( Cabin Crew interview)
Re: Assist ourselves discover our potential and get the highest power to be able to select in cabin crew interview.

I am a person who has summarized hundreds of interviewing hours with a variety of recruitment specialists including myself. This is the special and exclusive method is created for a long time when I have been helping Emirates Airlines to choose cabin crews

Joining this special course assists you overcome the Cabin Crew interview that is much more difficult than having a Harvard scholarship.

Mr. Le Thanh Hong Quan – Griffin (left) beside SHARK Pham Thanh Hung (right) – Shark Tank Vietnam at Vietnam CEO Congress 2020

Roleplay Game in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Are you having these problems below:

• This is the first time you join a cabin crew interview of Emirates Airlines, Etihad Airways, Qatar Airways, Kuwait Airways, and the other 5-star airlines over the world. Especially you don’t know anything about this interview?
• You have spent many times joining this interview. However, unluckily, you haven’t selected yet.
• You are seeking out a way to improve your weakness to get the success in the interview

Or you are:

• Looking for a method to discover your potential
• Getting successful in your career when you get 200 percent of your energy

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