How to apply impromptu thought for a cabin crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

How to apply impromptu thought for a cabin crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

How to Apply impromptu thought for a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates 

Welcome back to The Emirates Cabin Crew training series. Much research was done to remove interior monologue when comparing the left brain activities (belongs to consciousness) and the right brain activities (subconscious). The right brain works more quickly more than two million times than the left brain works. The results assert the right brain is in charge of creative activities. The left brain is in charge of the analysis. Before the interview, you don’t have much time to prepare. Therefore, you have to think quickly. If you have less than 30 seconds to prepare for an answer, so will you trust the slow brain part or the really fast brain part? So How to apply impromptu thought for a cabin crew Interview of Emirates Airlines?

Use the really fast brain part to seek out the method

If you want to answer recruiters’ questions quickly and effectively, there is no different way than using your right brain which is in charge of the creative activities and works really rapidly.

When a candidate doesn’t have enough experience to answer the situation question, she/he usually gives an interior monologue such as:

  • Oh, I don’t know what to say.
  • This is not a perfect answer.
  • What will they think about me?
  • Time passes so quickly but I don’t have any idea.
  • The other candidates will laugh at me and I will feel shame.

When you ask yourself, interior monologue will prevent your right brain and your left brain will work instead. With that capacity, fast thought gives a good answer is impossible.

In other for your right brain and your consciousness to work their jobs, you have to remove your interior monologue. Don’t let negative thoughts stop your fast thought. Once your brain is removed all interior monologue, it will give thousands of choices in some seconds and will recommend you the best choice. Do you know that the professional Cabin Crews are also their interior monologue, and so do all of us? But the important thing is when they step on the plane, they could control and remove their interior monologue from their brain. Imagine that the Boeing 777 Dreamliner with 300 passengers always requests a service, if a Cabin Crew only keeps the interior monologue will not be able to serve the passengers well. That’s why the recruiters will realize easily whether you are keeping the interior monologue in your brain or you are not. Remove it from your brain now if you want to be selected for a 5-star airlines.

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Two faiths to improvise successfully.

To reach this level, you just need to accept two faiths of international speakers:

  • I make sure that I will answer one question
  • I do not always have an excellent answer

Once you make these two faiths to be yours, there is nothing to be able to stop your fast brain part from making an intelligent answer. Without interior monologue, you will develop your quality.

This gold principle is used by many international recruiters. Of course, this rule is the most important criterion in Emirates Airlines.

Imagine that, you would be a leader of the Cabin Crew team on an EK flight and aviation law forces passengers to obey the guidance of the Cabin Crew in warning situations. For example, there is a warning situation happening and hundreds of passengers’ life are waiting for your direction. NOT ALLOW TO KEEP YOUR INTERIOR MONOLOGUE IN YOUR MIND. Therefore, the most important quality from the new Cabin Crew to the professional ones is the state “do it”. Your conscious will help you give these perfect answers in all situations. The recruiters in EK really love giving you many hard questions like that to challenge the candidates, but the recruiters know exactly that they maybe don’t have any optimization answers. However, they hope the candidates can read and confidently solve the situations with the state “I can do it”. Perhaps, your solution is not right but also not wrong, it doesn’t make any problem. You will be trained carefully by the airline.  Forget that “I didn’t have any good preparation” or “I feel scared of…”.
No matter how scared you are, you have to answer the questions of recruiters.

Then please remember that the trust of the successful Cabin Crew is: “Although I have an idea for the question or I don’t, I keep also answering. My impromptu experience and the techniques that I learned before will help me to seek out the best answer for each question.”

How to apply impromptu thought for a cabin crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Once you STOP thinking of what you should answer and the result after you give a response, the quality of your answer will increase a lot. All of your brain energy will focus on finding the answers instead of evaluating your answer and making a decision about what you should say or shouldn’t. This question here is the way how you should answer.

In the next parts, you will learn ways you can answer, even when you don’t have any idea. But please memorize this, you have to answer the recruiter’s questions and never let your fast brain part be prevented you from your interior monologue.

The chief attendants don’t always give excellent answers. It depends on what the question is, so the quality of the answer is not similar. The most valuable answers are much better than the answers of people who are not trained. Therefore, you have to accept the truth that all your answers are not always excellent.

All candidates always hope that they can give many excellent answers and get a high evaluation from the recruiters. However, it doesn’t always succeed. If you are worried about the quality of your answers, you will start to think of potential consequences that happened when you give a bad answer. This route analysis automatically will prevent your fast brain part and then it affects you in making a bad answer.

Remember that, impromptu speech is only a game. Although how that answer is, it is still the best answer that you can give in specific situations and moments. So that’s How to apply impromptu thought for a cabin crew Interview of Emirates Airlines.

The way to speed up your thought up to 2 million times

Do you want to speed up your thought up to 2 million times? It is really simple. Accept the faith of successful speakers and many chief attendants in 5-star airlines.

First: I do not always have an excellent answer second: No matter what happens I keep speaking. My consciousness will recommend me the best choice for my answer at the specific moment that you need.

When you do the impromptu test, you can divert your answer many times. Make sure that you don’t deny what you said before. Speak to yourself that “Ok, I agree with all everything that I said before and can continue on answering the interview questions in any way. This answer will be evaluated well by the recruiters. Because how you can answer for the passengers is not so important as you make them satisfied. The excellent answer doesn’t come from the content of the answer but from the passenger’s smile. Besides that, you can change your choice between two speaking ideas easily by using transition phrases or paragraphs. It makes your answer more natural.

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