How to give your viewpoint when answering the Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview questions

How to give your viewpoint when answering the Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview questions

How to give your viewpoint when answering the Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview questions

How to give your viewpoint when answering the Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview questions helps you have your own viewpoint with the questions that you are asked. Imagine that you are in the interview room and the recruiters ask you: “ Are you a Cabin Crew of Emirates Airline? Do you know when the plane takes off? This flight is delayed for a long time”. If you answer that: “ It depends.  if the airline announces soon, then Sir (Madam) will know the exact schedule. However, if they haven’t yet solved the problem, I’m afraid that the flight can be delayed longer. I’m so sorry about this”

This kind of answer is not only worthless but is not also memorized by listeners or impressed by recruiters. However, if you respond that: with “I think that the Airline will announce the flight schedule for passengers after solving the issue with the airport in the next 2 hours. So please don’t worry about it”. Although it is the viewpoint isn’t proved by the airline, it is still valuable for the passenger and the recruiters will memorize the way you solve the case.

One of many mistakes of candidates is to speak anything that appeared in their mind, only wanting to fill the emptiness of time but they don’t give any viewpoint. An excellent answer always includes a message or a clear point. Don’t say worthlessly or “it depends…”

After receiving the question, many candidates usually think that: “oh, the most important thing to do now is to think about what I should say now”. But the way you express your meaning is much more meaningful.

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Be honest

In my opinion, the answering technique and the way for expressing in the impromptu test is honesty. A lot of candidates want to impress recruiters. I have been working as a recruiter for Emirates Airlines for many years, then I have been beholding numerous situations based on your behaviors. Once the recruiters feel that you are not honest, we (recruiters) don’t believe you anymore, then your test seems finished.

The recruiters don’t want to find out an orator, they need you for a Cabin Crew position. They will forgive you for any of your mistakes in the interview, except that you are not honest. If you are really honest, your answer is accepted although you make some mistakes.

A few candidates want to be honest when answering the interview questions about their experience and about something.. but they don’t know how to do it? What if there is a method that helps them?

The key is you should change these things:

  • You cannot be honest if you don’t think that the recruiters are your best friends.
  • You don’t feel excited when having an impromptu test.
  • You are not going to express the value of things.

Moreover, in order that these secrets are useful, you need to have trust.  Before you come into the interview room, you should remind this: “I will feel happy because of the impromptu test and enjoy every interview moment with the recruiters. Time, when I speak with the recruiters, is really amazing, I talk to them as my friends or my relatives. The only reason that I join this interview is that I want to express my valuable experiences and my passion for Cabin Crew Career. I want the recruiters to recognize my ability positively.

How to give your viewpoint when answering the Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview questions

Be Full of energy

The most valuable lesson when I joined the interview with the candidates was I felt that candidates have had full of energy. They joined the interview with really comfortable emotion and answered the questions with 200% of energy. The result was these many candidates were selected. If you have passion for this career or anything, your energy will be transmitted to the others in the hall and make them becoming excited. These are the important criteria in order that the recruiters to select you. I think you realized that they have been working from 8 AM to 19 PM and more, but their face is really fun and you feel that their energy is unlimited. Because of this, they can transmit positive energy to passengers who have a long flight from this city to the other city. The truth is that recruiters would like to select positive-energy candidates like that.

Being full of energy is a core factor of a speaking test or any impromptu test. Although you are speaking about anything, please be excited with that about your effort. When your excited energy is spread throughout the hall. That is the time when you get the sublimation and the high result will come to you.

The Key: 

  • If you are not good at these skills, you shouldn’t look at the roof of the room or have worried behaviors when doing the test because your brain is focusing on what you should say and you are tending to forget everything from the behavior to eye communication.
  • When you are joining the interview, you can think that the biggest issue is to find the suitable words to say, because the recruiters can evaluate you through what you are saying. However, they will also evaluate you based on your behaviors when you are thinking or saying. If you move your fingers or stare at the roof, these actions make the recruiters uncomfortable and they will doubt that you are not sure of the thing you are saying.

In the impromptu test, your gesture and body movements aren’t usually evaluated too much, but there are some basic things that you have to follow. It is similar to when you present a speech with careful preparation, all your gestures should be comprehensive and open. You should look straight into the recruiter’s eyes and make sure that you avoid having worried gestures perhaps, you will think that “What should I do to control many things when joining the interview? What should I say, pay attention to eye communication and gestures? Is that too much?” The answer to this question is involved in the core of impromptu thought. If you try to think about the content of the speaking test, gesture and eye communication, and body movement, you will be overloaded. You have to know the way so that you don’t think about these above things. Your purpose is your trust in your really fast subconscious mind. So that’s How to give your viewpoint when answering the Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview questions.

“How to control my gestures” In order to answer this question, you should think: “It will happen.  I believe in my subconscious mind and It will give me know when I should use the gesture and which one. It’s like when you run. Your subconscious mind will announce when you should move and you will move without thinking.

When you practice the impromptu with your friends, ask them that do you have any gestures making them uncomfortable and what if you communicate with your eyes enough well. Improve each mistake in your practice. After practicing to a certain level, you will perform all gestures, and movements without having to think about them.

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