How to overcome a preliminary round of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Interviews

How to overcome a preliminary round of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Interviews

How to overcome a preliminary round of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Interviews

How to overcome a preliminary round of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Interviews is a query of many candidates. I realized that there were many candidates haven’t prepared carefully when joining the interview. It leads to failure. Please review the below points to improve these mistakes. This round has two forms: Open Day and Invitation only. In some countries that don’t have agencies, the airline will organize interviews popularly. On the Open day, the airline will interview you. In some countries that have their agencies, the agencies will directly interview the candidates following the criteria of the airline. Once you’ve been shortlisted you’ll be invited to participate in an Assessment Day. So, what are the shortlist criteria?


Your high reach

Candidates Height is a minimum of 160cm and arm reach of 212 cm while standing on tiptoes. This is required because you have to reach and work comfortably with some technology in the cabin of the airplane such as fly safety equipment. Besides that, the airplanes of Emirates Airline are so big such as Airbus A380 or 777 Dreamliner, so the cabin is really high and big.

This is a way for you to check your reach. You have to stand on your instep comfortably and keep standing like that minimum of 1 – 3 minutes. You are not absolutely standing on your tiptoes like dancing ballet. Nevertheless, you can’t keep your balance, and you will be failed.

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Smile is an important criterion of Emirates Airline because your smile represents the airline and it also is a criterion for passengers who evaluate the service of the airline. I don’t concern about your beautiful smile because the standard for a beautiful smile is really wide. Each person, she/he will have own criteria. Even Emirates Airlines doesn’t give any standard for a beautiful smile. However, with my experiences as a recruiter in Emirates Airlines, I can share it with you like this:

  • You have regular teeth, do not underside or deviate
  • snagged-tooth can be accepted but under the accepted level
  • The teeth are white, not
  • There are no bad teeth because they cause a bad smell in your mouth.

Face skin

With males, it is really simple, it is ok when his facial skin is only clean and bright. However, with females, it is more careful. You can consult through this below video.


Men: Men’s hair has to be neat, you can use gel for keeping your hair looking more beautiful.

Women: To women who have long hair, you should have a bun like Cabin Crews usually do. To women who have short hair, you can keep it naturally or have a ponytail. In conclusion, your hair should be tidy. If not, it leads to not keeping your image with the recruiters.


You can use perfume. Furthermore, it can increase your attraction. But you absolutely avoid using a perfume that has a sexy smell or strong smell. You should choose sleazy and nice smells to make the positive emotion for the opposite people. Using the right perfume makes the candidates less stressed and more excited. On the contrary, if you use the wrong perfume, it causes disaster for you.


Be professional when choosing jewelry for you. The jewelry belongs to the private part, so there is no standard for it. However, I recommend you should suitable jewelry for the field (luxurious field). Looking for a suitable style.


The general criteria is you are recruiting for a position to serve business passengers. Your suitable costumes will build your image, you are a careful person and respect your passengers. Remember that, you can be invited to be out of the hall or denied for the interview if your costume is not suitable.

Men: You should wear a white shirt, black pants, and a vest with a tie. If you don’t have a vest, you should invest in it because it makes you more attractive. Besides that, the color of your tie should be suitable with the recruitment criteria which is luxurious service.

Women: You should wear a white shirt with a black skirt, and a vest…The skirt length should be below your knee. I underline “the skirt length should be below your knee. It shows your professionalism. If it is ok, wearing a bow or a scarf makes you more confident. When you join this round, you don’t need to wear a sock because the recruiters will check your scars from your knee to your ankle. You should wear a shoe that has a sole square or at a suitable height so that you feel comfortable when walking. Don’t wear really high pumps, because you will have to take off it to check your reach, the pumps don’t help you.

Manners and attitude

Yes, there are many things to talk about regarding style. I would like to tell you a story. That was a day at the first round. She was really worried. Her face’s expression looked like she was trying to calm down but couldn’t hide her worry. I really understood that. Because all candidates had the same feeling as her. I motivated her many times. Sometimes stopped the interview in order to tell some funny stories to make the environment more comfortable. When everything was ok, she got her confidence again and became more vivacious. At this moment she was really herself.

What do you think when you are more nervous than your passengers? And who will help who on this flight? Keeping calm is the criterion. And one more thing is your manners and attitude. You should know how to look over around you and look for your familiarity. The familiarity will help you be more confident to do the test. Having a confident appearance, and knowing how to start and finish your test. With a handshake, you shouldn’t completely shake your hand with someone with your sweaty hand (because you are worried about the interview). It makes the recruiters uncomfortable. It is not good for you. If your hands are cold, rub your hands together. If the recruiter is a person who has the opposite sex, you should also shake hands confidently because this is polite action. The speed of handshakes is reasonable. Expand your palm and let the other’s wrist a little bit up. Nevertheless, you are expressing your respect to them. You should shake 1 – 2 times, avoiding keeping the other’s hand too long. If you are the first person who gives a shaking hands, you should also be the first person to stop shaking hands.

Ask for permission to have a seat even when the recruiters said that “Please have a seat”, this is a confirmation and is also a good personality in aviation. Once you are not sure about something, you should reconfirm.

Sit straight and be comfortable when joining the interview and remember that you should look at the recruiter’s eyes. Eye communication is really important. You can practice this before the mirror or with your friends to realize the eye gestures. Don’t stare at them with your unintelligible face’s expression or how to show your thanks with your eyes. All of us have to learn and practice to become more professional.

How to overcome a preliminary round of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Interviews

Reach requirement

When checking the height of your reach, the recruiters will require you to take off your shoe. You have to do this quickly. No one wants to look over when you are embarrassed to take off your shoe. Besides that, after taking off your shoe, put it carefully in order that you can wear it easily after finishing the test. If you wear a vest, you can ask permission to take off the vest before taking off your shoe. Many candidates have made this mistake because their vest encumbered their hands when taking off the shoe. Make sure that, if your shirt is pulled out of your pant or your skirt, you speak politely to the recruiters: “Please excuse me if my shirt is pulled out”. Practice this at home to know surely that you are right-hand or left-hand because you can reach the best height with your preferred hand. Keep your hand until the recruiters agree on it. Don’t forget to say thanks to them.

After adjusting your costume, you will be back for your test in the interview.

Check your scars and tattoos.

With the hard airline’s requirement, you don’t have any tattoos or scars like the below picture. If you have it, please require the recruiters to make the confirmation that that tattoo or scar is accepted or isn’t. Don’t hide it because they will recognize it. If you have a tattoo, no chance. Some candidates have moon or star tattoos, which is taboo. Do you know what the sign of Buddhism is? If you have a scar because of your accident, reconfirm with the recruiters once again by telling them your treatment and how long it will be recuperated. If it is just a short time to recuperate the scar, the recruiters maybe accept it.

In conclusion, there are many candidates who failed because of their tattoos and scars.


The purpose of the conversation is to make sure that you can listen and speak English fluently. There is no writing test in this part. This is the part that makes me more excited. This part makes you have to use your language ability and solve solution skills. although there are a few candidates with a low level of speaking English, most of them can speak fluently. Be confident to show off your ability. If you have practiced impromptu skills, I believe that you can do this part easily.

However, the recruiters can evaluate your basic ability so that you can move on next round on Assessment Day through this part of the test. When finishing the test, if the recruiters ask you that “Do you have any questions for us?”, then you should ask them if what you can do to improve your skills or do you still have any weaknesses? Through the information that the recruiters answer for you, you have the orientation to develop your skills. So that’s How to overcome a preliminary round of Emirates Airlines Cabin Crew Interviews.

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It is not difficult for you to overcome the conversation, but the main purpose is “you have to know what your weekness is to improve it”

If you do all of these above parts well, I believe in that you are so closed to have an invitation to join the Assessment Day. Keep learning the next lesson to look out for many skills to overcome the hard interview of the Airlines.

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