How to apply the telling-story technique when answering Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview Questions

answering Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview Questions

How to apply telling-story technique when answering Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview Questions

How to apply the telling-story technique when answering Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview Questions helps you to attract the sight, hearing, and touch of the interviewers. There are a lot of candidates in the interview, so after finishing the test, the recruiters can’t remember anything from your speaking test. They just memorize what they saw, heard, and felt in their imagination when hearing your speech. If you want your point to be memorized, you need to connect your point with a story or example-related pictures. Do you remember the previous lesson, I told you about the test describing an object in the picture. The purpose of this test is to find a candidate who can solve the situation and describe what the candidate saw to the others. Therefore, in the speaking test, you should use the above skills to impress recruiters. Please understand clearly the three foundations of the story way.

The details make a story

A story inspires listeners because it makes images in the listener’s imagination. The details are used to make these images more honest in the recruiter’s imagination.

Example 1: Today I’m going to have a flight to London in order to watch a football match between Arsenal and Manchester United on Emirates Airline.

Example 2: Today I came to London –  a place of fog and football in order to watch the greatest football match in London between two famous teams: Arsenal and Manchester United. I’m a fan of Arsenal that’s why I chose Emirates Airline to get to London. Because Emirates Airlines is a Sponsor for the Arsenal team that has the nickname “The Gunners” with the red color of the Emirates logo and my favorite football team as the color of strength and spirit. This season, London is full of fog making me feel cold, however, the fog is gone rapidly by the firepan of the Emirates Stadium, the home of Arsenal Football Club. This expected match with the Manchester red devils makes the atmosphere hotter. Each wave of attacks from both teams makes the stadium more excited with a lot of noisy sounds.

The second description gives more details. All of these details make the story easier to remember. You will forget the words of each description but you will only memorize some images that appeared in your imagination because of those words.

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Detail is the most important factor of the stories. Tell about the stories by enriching details for them. This principle will help you be more successful in the interview. Whoever, the listeners really love the stories and details of the stories. Furthermore, recruiters really love candidates who can use this skill.


If you don’t use dialogue in your speech, it looks like the news on TV – a cold report, it is not an excellent speech. Dialogue is a common factor in any story because it reconstructs the events that happened in the past.

Example 3: Based on the second example, I add the dialogue as “When I was on the Emirates plane, I felt really excited and looked forward to landing in order to go to the stadium right away while I was hearing my next passengers talking about the match. I felt so excited that I ordered a glass of champagne wine. Perhaps, the Cabin Crew also understood my mood at that time. That’s why she came to me and said: “Hope you have a great trip and enjoy an exciting match”. I was really surprised by this beautiful cabin crew. I asked her: “Are you Vietnamese? You are really wonderful when becoming a Cabin Crew of Emirates Airline.” She gave me a friendly smile in The South of Vietnam Style and answered: “Yes, I was selected because I am also a fan of Arsenal and told many stories about the team. This team is proud of Emirates because the name of the airline is the name of Arsenal Stadium”. I was really surprised about this. What an exciting trip.

All of the professionals also use dialogue because it is a wonderful tool making the communication between recruiters and candidates much more attractive, honest, and easy to remember. Easily remembering, helps you become a talented candidate among many other candidates. So that’s How to apply the telling-story technique when answering Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview Questions.

Each story is a connection between the report and dialogue. Your responsibility is to balance these two parts in your interview. Most of the candidates just use a few dialogues and too many reports in their speaking tests. Therefore, if you want your story more attractively, increase the quantity of the monologue in your story. The dialogue will make an acceptance speech to be an excellent one.

answering Emirates Airlines cabin crew Interview Questions


A conflict is an impediment between the characters and the meaning that you want to express. The conflict brings the sensational factor to the listeners and makes them have some questions in their minds. The listeners are interested in your story because they want to know how to solve that conflict. The structure of a story includes The introduction part about the conflict, and the solution to

the conflict. Because the speaking test is shorter than a speech with preparation, you need to list the conflict soon, usually in some first sentences.

Even when you use dialogue and details, the recruiters can also feel bored when you don’t put conflict into the story. An attractive story looks like a Hollywood film that needs a conflict in the intro part and is solved after that.

To make your story as attractive as a Hollywood film, give the conflict of your story soon. You should make that conflict increase the attractive details through your story. When the conflict is pushed to the highest point, the listeners are really curious about your story. Once they are impatient, they really want a way to solve the conflict.

I would remind you that this skill helps you reach a good level for impromptu skills in all situations of the recruiters because the recruiters want to challenge you in many different ways. The best way is to have all of the skills to finish your test. Impressing the recruiters and being selected is the most important target for you.

Your purpose is to try to connect three basic factors together smoothly and turn them into an excellent story. Mind them before you come into the interview room, you will realize how exciting your story is. Your recruiters will think: “Oh, this candidate is really potential because He can tell an excellent story to solve a difficult situation after having 30 seconds to prepare”

In conclusion, 3 words: details, dialogue, and conflict.

Apply the stories to answer the interview questions.

The below exercises assist you to become a potential candidate. You have to control your storytelling skill well. In the interview, you have to think fast and make your decision about how your story is at the time when you tell that story. As for the other skills, if you want to improve your storytelling skill, you have to practice them. “A story- a story”, “the nouns in the pocket” and “complete a story” are interesting games that improve your storytelling skill.

Exercise 1: a story – a story

The purpose of this game is to improve your speaking skill with all topics. Mc of the game will give the context of a story. He will prescribe a person. After that, that person starts to tell that story. All of the gamers take their turn to tell a whole story followed by Mc’s attribution. However, the gamers are not allowed to repeat the parts of the story that was told before, they have to continue on the story. The gamer has to tell the next part of the story from the detail that the previous person told but that person has to keep the content of the story going smoothly. Each person has many turns to add their own details to the story. The MC will decide when they should finish the story and nominate one person who will give the end of the story.

Exercise 2: The nouns in the bag.

In this exercise, the gamer will write down some nouns on the pieces of paper. These nouns can be individual nouns. The stranger the nouns are, the more exciting the game is. Next, put all of them into the bag. One of the players will start to tell a story. After the context of the story is made, MC will take out a piece of paper from the bag, the other player has to tell a story that there is that noun that appeared in it.

Example: “When I surfed on the internet yesterday, I realized that Emirates Airline is recruiting for a Cabin Crew role. I was really excited to find out more information”. At this moment, MC chooses the other word from the bag and that word is “ruler”. “I suddenly remembered that their height requirement is 212cm and I didn’t sure whether I could be eligible for this requirement or I couldn’t.” Next word is “Adhesive tape”. “Luckily, I had adhesive tape in my room. Then I tried to use it to measure my reach height. Fortunately, my reach is 212cm”

The game “the nouns in the bag” improves your ability to think instantaneously and your skill to make a story while you are speaking. As you see, this exercise is similar to what you have to meet in the impromptu speech. You have to tell an impromptu story and after each second you decide what you will tell next.

Exercise 3: Complete a story.

This exercise improves your skill in building an imaginative story with any
scene. The player will tell a story about the scene that MC gives.

Example: MC says: “Please announce the airplane flying into the bad weather…” You have to complete this story with your imagination. You can play this game with your friend or a group of your friends. Think about the exciting intro and let your imagination fly. As a famous sentence of a gameshow “Thank God you are here”: life will be flowered or life is obstructive. When you practice, you should let your imagination freedom, it will help you when you have a real test in the Emirates interview.

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