04 Levels of The Best Improvisation Skill in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Skill in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

04 Levels of The Best Improvisation Skill in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

04 levels of the best Improvisation skill in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines give you an image of the level of improvisation when joining an interview. If you are good at the first three levels, you can go through to the final round of the interview. If you are excellent at all 4 levels, you are a superstar. No one can put you in hot water. And surely, Emirates Airlines really likes a candidate like you.

Level 1: Speaking in 2 minutes

At this level, you have to overcome the brain freeze condition, which is when your brain is blank and you become more confident as much as you can easily talk about all of the subjects that the recruiters give you in 2 minutes without any preparation before.

The first level is not only a basic step but is also a platform. At this level, your only main goal is “talks about anything in 2 minutes”. Don’t worry if you speak appropriately or not. Don’t worry about the structure or arrangement. The one goal is to talk for 2 minutes.

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If you hesitate and feel shy when giving a response to an unexpected question, it means you can’t overcome the first level, although you have a lot of experience. If you are practicing to improve your first level, you should forget the speech quality and fill up the two minutes by your words.

Once you feel comfortable when doing the first step, you will never feel scared when having an improvisation because you know how to find words to answer any topic.

The following level will assist you to have a unique response, but first, it’s really necessary to remove your fear that you won’t find out anything to talk about when you want.

You can only eat an elephant by eating piece by piece. This is also right with the extemporization. Before you can control a level, don’t try to move to the next one and misunderstand it by many skills at the same time. Once you are completely confident at the first level, you can move to the second step.

Skill in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Level 2: Adding the meaning and structure to your speaking test.

Recruiters can merely remember information and hold your thought if you can talk sequentially. At this higher level, your speech should have an introduction, body, and conclusion. It’s necessary to use the structure of speech easily to summarize your response. Moreover, your speaking test needs to have your own point and your audience should know clearly what you are speaking. When having practice, Don’t care about body language, your voice, and communication by your eyes. You will have a chance to practice all of these above skills at the third level.

The third level is: Transmission skill

Most of the excellent Transmission skills used in a long speech can also apply to extemporization. At this level, you should practice body language, how to communicate with your eyes, your voice, and other transmission skills. This level purpose is how to improve your transmission skills in an extemporization test with your strength, your passion, and attraction. After completing this level, all of the extemporaneous replies will be understood well by your recruiters.

Level 4: Turning Point

If you feel comfortable with these three first levels, you can be completely confident to join in the last round of A Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines. Congrats if you can reach it. However, To make the recruiters memorize your test and in order for Emirates Airlines to bring your CV to their Head office in Dubai, you need “to be well done at this level”

There are many candidates who are good at giving extemporaneous replies. If you joined an interview before, all of the candidates have had an excellent knowledge of Speaking, but this level is making the differences between the winners and the other ones. If there is a person who can remember your response for a long time, it means your extemporization reaching the quality at the 04th level

If your answer is so common and can’t show your argument, it will be boring and makes listeners forgetting your response quickly. The recruiters can’t focus on anything which makes them bored. You should avoid giving easy replies and make a turning point for your test (surprising turning point)

Give an example, if the recruiters ask you which city in Europe you like and why? ( This is also my question when interviewing many candidates in the first round). First, think about the most common replies that most people will give an answer, such as:

– Paris, because it’s a fashion city.

– Rome, because of its romance

– The Vatican, because it is a place of Christian

-London, because it’s the capital of tea parties.

In a conversation between friends, these answers can be accepted. However, you can’t answer like that if you want to reach the skill at the fourth level. The recruiters don’t care how the city is, they just care about the valuable information that they can be received through your responses. The value here is your unique experience, your funny skills, or your special point.

When you make a decision what your answers are or lead your responses in a completely unique way. So Skill in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines will help you.


– I’d like to wear Áo Dài and walk in Paris square in order to see what citizens there are thinking about

I’d like to give you a beautiful kiss and propose to my girlfriend in Rome

I’d like to drink Vietnamese  tea with London way and drink London tea in Vietnam to know how exciting it is

Although your intro is not common, it will attract recruiters and make them pay more attention to your answers.

In fact, there are just a few candidates who are good at the fourth level, but it’s not difficult to reach this level. When making a conversation with the recruiters, this is not a personal one between them and you, your purpose doesn’t mean that you have to speak what you are thinking about., but that is what value you want to transmit to them.

Please Be creative, and avoid going in the common ways to respond to the questions in order to make listeners impressed with your point for a long time. You only wait for Golden Call from Emirates Airlines in Dubai to inform you that you are selected. You are a perfect candidate in their eyes.

Good luck!

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