How to develop teamwork skills for the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines interview

How to develop teamwork skills for the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines interview

How to develop teamwork skills for the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines interview

What is the first teamwork lesson? That’s a good question and there are many ways to answer it! Let’s find out How to develop teamwork skills for the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines interview.

It goes through 5 stages of teamwork development:

I. Forming stage :

The process of working collaboratively with a group of people in order to achieve a goal. A collaboration of these people looks like the first period of a social relationship.

We regularly recognize a person’s psychology :

  • Eager
  • Hope
  • Doubtful
  • Worried
  • Feel strange
  • Be Shy

Because the group is just built, every member will be restricted by their own idea and generally closed. This is totally special with a member who is less important and too worried.

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II. Storming Period:

Jobs are started slowly and with difficulty. The reason for making a conflict is that  Individuals show their own personalities, habits, and interests. This inconsistency can even tear down the group. This is the most dangerous period, affecting the next one directly.

III. Norming Stage:

These contradictions and remaining issues are solved turn by turn. All of the connections are going to be stronger. Standards are set up and finished. All members start to understand and admit each other

Friendship and colleagueship are built at this stage. A healthy relationship is built on honesty and trust

Because of that, the members start to feel safe and confident to show each other’s thoughts. All discussions become better in the group.

The most important development is that they can listen to each other really well. The working methods are set up and accepted totally.

IV. Performing Stage:

All activities in the last period are fluent.

This is the highest point. The members who work on the route can discuss their own thought freedom comfortably with good support from the other members of the group.

V. Breaking Stage

After the performing period, if the members remain the attitude well, the group continues on getting successful. If not, it will be broken. Finishing a project also makes teamwork go to this stage and teamwork can not be maintained forever.

4 important features of  team-work

How to develop teamwork skills for the cabin crew of Emirates Airlines interview


When a team is created, one must-have thing is a rule. It can be shown and written in words however it can be accepted among these members without any paper. Once the rules are made, a team leader is voted to guarantee that the members accomplish it totally.

4 types of leaders:

  • A: A leader who has excellent  qualifications  and is trusted by his/her members in a group
  • B: A leader who has excellent  qualifications  but has the least belief in the members
  • C: A leader who doesn’t have good qualifications   but has a strong relationship with the members
  • D: A leader who doesn’t have good qualifications  but the members don’t evenly give his/her their confidence

The rules are made to work and develop together. It assists the new group in moving on to the developing period. It doesn’t mean the rules are used to crush the members and separate the group.

II. Purpose:

The purpose or goal of the group is completely necessary for building teamwork. All members work toward common goals and remain it to move on through 04 main periods.

III. Responsibility:

A team is considered a group of individuals working toward common goals. Team building is the process of giving them the support needed to achieve those goals. Working together to achieve common goals is the responsibility of each member. This is strong connections among its own members to help the workgroup get successful. However, some members sometimes forget they’re owed or kick these responsibilities to others by accident. With this issue, the remaining members should remind each other of the common goals and keep the workgroup manner to get higher success.

Together we can change the world

IV. Interaction:

Teamwork interaction is really important. It will be developed in time and is proportional to how much success the team can get.   The better it is, the higher the team gets successful. However, if there is a negative conflict, it will effects the final goals completely. Keeping a good interaction is not simply due to being influenced by around causes. The Straw that broke the camel’s back“. At this time, the team leader takes his/her responsibility to solve a conflict and helps to build trust among team members.

If a teamwork doesn’t work following these four features, it will be come to a difficult stage immediately. Especially, if it isn’t solved at the right time, team-work will be disbanded.

Teamwork skill is an important skill which you are necessary to write down your CV. But do you know what teamwork is clearly? This skill is much more important in the service industry, especially in aviation service. Therefore, employers always recruit candidates who have good teamwork skills. Based on the questions, game recruiters can select successful candidates for these airlines. So how can they check you? And it is more important than how much you understand what teamwork is. In fact, do you know this skill totally as you think?

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