The Principle of The First Thought to Improvise In A Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Improvise In A Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

The Principle of the first thought to improvise in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

The Principle of the first thought to improvise in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines is about: When listening to a question, you should begin giving an answer based on your first thought. If you wait for longer, you will activate your internal monologue. You will think: “you can’t think of anything to respond to the question. This idea is not perfect. What the recruiters are thinking about me? Time keeps on going quickly, but I don’t know what I should say?” Self-talk will stop your subconscious, and activate analytic thought slowly. It causes your improvisation isn’t good.

By answering based on the first thought, you will prevent your conscious thinking, and activate a machine of your consciousness that can produce the ideas for you very quickly. The ideas which you really need to respond to the situational interview questions of the recruiters. Before you start to speak your answers, It is not necessary that you have a full answer in your mind. The one thing that you need is a beginning point. So, you should answer based on your first thought, and if you have a better idea after that, you can completely take a turn of your answer well following the context of your speech.

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How to have time to think?

The first 30 seconds after receiving a question, you should spend 30 seconds thinking about the answer. This not only makes your response more careful, but it also helps your subconscious produces millions of ideas for excellent responses. Your improvisation will be improved a lot by this habit

There are a lot of candidates who are afraid of improvising. They think they are not sure to be able to give a perfect answer in only 30 seconds. If you think that, you fail the interview right away. 300 passengers from many nations over the world on a flight from Emirates Airlines will not wait for you. As you know, it is difficult to give a response in 30 seconds, including well-known flight attendant leaders sometimes. If you have all answers to all questions after being asked, this is really good, but it’s hard sometimes. Actually, you have 30 seconds to think. The only thing you need is the beginning point, the first thought. After that, you can have time to continue on thinking about the remaining part of the answer.

Improvise In A Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Thinking while you are speaking

The speed of your thought goes faster than the speed of your speaking. When you talk about an idea, your brain will create new meanings allowing you to develop the idea that you are presenting or take a turn to a new idea. While you are making a conversation with your friend about delicious dishes at a resort on your holiday, there is funny thinking happening on the way you go to the waterfall that appears in your mind suddenly. Then, you divert from talking about food to the waterfall trip smoothly. With the listeners, your story goes completely naturally, and your friend can’t know that thinking just came to your mind a couple of seconds ago.

This principle can totally apply to improvisation. When you talk about an idea, the creative part of the brain will think very rapidly. Depending on which thought appears in your mind, you will develop the idea that you are presenting or shift to the different one. The suitable moment for thinking is when you are speaking because the period of that time is unlimited. You can slow down your speed in speaking in order to have more time for thinking.

If you don’t know which topic you should talk about, pause it. Pausing your speech can be accepted. In pausing time, your brain will catch the idea immediately and even the recruiters don’t recognize that. So that is The Principle of the first thought to improvise in a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines. I hope you can practice every day to improve your skills.

Summarize of this technique:

Please note that speed of your brain goes faster than your speed in speaking many times. While you are speaking, your brain thinks about the next things that you will speak next. If you think you need more time to think, you can only need to speak more slowly or pausing your speech

Anchor feelings again

You’re just too stressed, but the contest is still a contest, there are still people who pass and fail. If it falls, the world will collapse. We need to fall down to know how to get up. What do you mean by this? As you, accept the results that come to you as a matter of course. Your stress makes your mind flutter, making you more susceptible to being influenced by more beautiful, more organized contestants. Accept all results first. Then anchor the emotion. Focus on ONLY one thought and you will anchor your emotions. The more fun it is to think about something, the better. A food or a trip that has passed makes you high with a long ê. Think about the anchor for the entire duration of the test except for a moment.

The moment you start answering. Now pull up the anchor and let the emotions flow freely with the judge. Being in sync with their feelings helps you understand the question and get into it and trust them. You ecstatically answer “yes” to every situation. Surprise. In fact, you have experienced that feeling at least once. And not only you, but all the famous speakers in the world also do. They activate focus and emotional relaxation that is in sync with the context when speaking begins. They just made a lot of acquaintances. And you are just practicing.

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