Improvisation Thought Exercises When Joining A Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Improvisation Thought Exercises when joining a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Improvisation Thought Exercises when joining a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

Improvisation Thought Exercises when joining a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines will assist you to practice the skills in order to become a person who improvises well in Cabin Crew situations. Don’t think it is simple, you have to do these exercises many times in order that you can do it smoothly and form your reflexive speaking. You can watch the Emirates media videos and recognize that their Cabin Crews are looking really professional, so is it real, or is it just their staging in the video? In fact, they are really professional because of practicing the situations many times and through repetition. They are professional from giving a bow, and a shaking hand to their smile. You can do these like them., but first you have to overcome the interview. If you want to be selected, you have to practice these two below skills a lot. These two skills are also asked in a Cabin Crew Interview with Emirates Airlines.

Conscious flow skill

This exercise helps you develop your speaking skill about any topic and anywhere. One of many Cabin Crew Interview rounds is group discussion. You are in a 2 or 3-member group and discuss a topic that you have not known what it is before. It is just a piece of paper and the story of the group gets started. You are observed and evaluated by the recruiters. There are many different dimensions to observe and they are kept secret. However, based on my experience, they want to understand whether you can read and improvise the situations well or not. You should note that it takes time to practice this skill if you want to be good at this skill. For instance, Mr. Tran Thanh (is well-known as an excellent comedian. If you watched many of his videos last years ago, you would have to tickle yourself to laugh at them. But now he only speaks in the third sentence of his speech to be able to make you laugh a lot.

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Reading situation skills and improvisation skills are really important. They become the most important for your job. There are lots of situations and only a few real ones happening like what you are trained for. If you are not perceptive, it will be hard to be able to train you. It causes recruiters’ responsibility to look for a person who can receive all of Emirates’ hard trainee programs.

I will describe an example of a random topic that just appears in my mind some seconds ago. Forget the content of your speech and fill up 2-3 mins of speaking with your conscious flow. Let’s start.

I remember the 16th cabin crew interview at Grand Eastin Hotel that which was called Movenpick Saigon hotel in the past. The environment of Assessment Day made me really excited. Not only because of the vest of these potential candidates who had overcome the preliminary round perfectly, but also because their confident smiles represented Asia to friends over the world by working for a 5-star airline like Emirates Airline. Finally, The recruiters came with a professional style, she would have a hard day seeking out the best candidates for the final round. Let’s come into the hall and get started.

I wrote that without having any pausing time based on my conscious thought and memories flow. Speaking about a topic that you like in English. Don’t worry about the structure too much, just speak and you will find the compatible words and structure to present it. Do you still remember the previous lesson that I taught you about how to increase the performance of your brain two-million times? Use it. Be confident in yourself that you can do it.

Improvisation Thought Exercises when joining a Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines

A suggested topic for you to practice:

  • If you only have one wish that you know will come true, what will you wish and give the reasons why you choose it?

One more note for you, Even when you don’t have a special thing to speak, the recruiters also like listening to more than you are just quiet or saying a meaningless sorry.

Talk about one object in 5 minutes:

Yes, this is part of the global Cabin Crew Interview of Emirates Airlines. You will receive a piece of paper that is written “one object”. You have only 5 minutes to describe it. Speak everything about it. You have to show your situation-solving skills clearly in this part. Therefore, if you are not good at this skill, you will have to practice it from now on.

The purpose of this part of the interview assists you to calm down when standing up in front of the crowd which is your premium passengers on a costly plane. Describe its history, function, and usage. Then you should speak about what you are thinking about it. I am sure that with the short time to practice these two exercises, you can speak about any object in unlimited time. This skill will support you a lot in the improvisation part.

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